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The Convergence of Cable Rail and Rock ‘n Roll

OK…I’m finally going to do this. On February 24th, 2015, I am finally doing this.

Feeney Cable Rail

Feeney Cable Rail

Why now? Because in the last 12 hours I’ve come across two prime examples of what I want to do here. And with a 58th birthday looming in 2 days, I’m really not getting any younger.

What do I want to do here?   I want to capture the convergence of two big interests in my life.  Not the only two…but two:

What have I been waiting for? To be honest, I have higher priority things to do. The Archadeck business is consuming. Plus, it helps pay the bills and put food on the table…and albums on my turntable, CD’s in my players and bits and bytes in iTunes. While I am not getting any younger, I hope to be a long way from conceding rock and roll to age. Its only rock and roll, but I like it…as long as I’m breathing. I breathe a lot of Archadeck, outdoor air. But the soundtrack to that and my life as a whole, is the music I like. So here I want to share that, primarily as it relates to Archadeck | Outdoor Living.

How does music and outdoor living converge? Maybe only in my head. But, tag along for the ride if you like music and/or being outdoors. I’ll try to keep it as simple as that. It might be music that you might consider listening to when outside on your deck, patio or porch. It might be music about being outdoors…or music that has an “outdoor feel.” It might be music or related videos that feature outdoor spaces (like what I’m introducing below). It might be anything. It seemed like a good idea over a year ago when I registered the “Outdoor Living Space Notes” blog name. It still seems like a good idea…and finally time to launch it.

But first, the count…set the beat…


I’m not a builder. I own the business – Archadeck of Central Iowa – and my role there is focused on design, sales, marketing, project management and business management. In other words…everything but building the spaces. I own a couple of tools. But, I’m better off letting professionally-skilled builders make those spaces I design. I really enjoy molding a business around the outdoor art we create as a team…a band, if you like.


Fender-American-Standard-Stratocaster-MNBK_01I’m not a musician….or in any way associated with the music business. With the exception that I do – thru Archadeck of Central Iowa – sponsor KFMG 98.9, a local independent, community-minded radio station here in Des Moines – and an awesome station at that. I have what I consider to be a decent album and CD collection and I own a couple of guitars.   Many years ago, I was well along self-teaching myself how to put those 3-chords together on a red guitar….a guitar autographed by Big Head Todd and the Monsters. But, I never got much beyond 3 chords, even though I also bought a black Fender Stratocaster.  I thought the Strat would help me a) be more like Eric Clapton and b) keep the autographs intact on the red guitar. It achieved the latter, but I eventually realized I was better off letting skilled musicians make the music I enjoy. Plus, that’s better on my liver. I really enjoy listening to music (live and recorded) and following the process of creating musical art.   I’m enamored with the creative process, what motivates and inspires a song…a musician…a band. I also often relate that to the creative process I go thru in my professional life and what motivates and inspires me in that business – as well as what motivates and inspires my “listening audience” – our clients.


I truly did just come across these two “pieces” of music in the last 12 hours, popping up on the various social media channels I’m on. They both hit me as perfect for what I envisioned for these “Outdoor Living Space Notes.” In combination, they seemed perfect way to kick this thing off. So here we go…

DBT Dirt XDrive-By Truckers (DBT). I’ve followed this band since they played the first 80/35 Music Festival here in downtown Des Moines in 2008. Jason Isbell split from the band a few years later and went solo very successfully; just saw an awesome show by Jason last week at Hoyt Sherman Auditorium here. I just got tickets to see the DBT at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City in May on their (acoustic-oriented) The Dirt Underneath tour; very much looking forward to that. All these guys (and gals) are real. Southern-tinged Americana. So, click here and see, Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley from DBT singing…outdoors…on the back porch.  In fact, we could all just hang out for these Back Porch Sessions nearly anytime.

Wagons PosterWagons. Never heard of them until an hour ago. An Australian band covering (“tribute-ing”…I like that) Bruce Springsteens “State Trooper.”   I bought Springsteen’s “Born To Run” on 8-track in 1975 as a senior in high school. Springsteen to Wagons…pretty much covers the gamut for me. These Wagons look like a pretty fun band…and here they’re doing “State Trooper” from an awesome porch / sunroom and deck space – probably overlooking some ocean bay in Australia. Complete with cable rail. Cable rail and rock and roll. Who knew?

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